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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

2 Recipes for Removal of Kidney Stones

Note: This is the second in a series of posts detailing recipes for basic diet based remedies using Chinese herbs. Yesterday we kicked off the series with a post on sterility and infertility. Today's post deals with kidney stones. These topics are excerpted from an article originally published in 1997 in the hard copy version of Dr. Leung's newsletter, issue #8. Other topics in the series include shingles, cold & flu, and migraine. There is also some excellent information in the introductory material, posted late last week.

Kidney Stones. In traditional Chinese medicine, there are many prescriptions for eliminating urinary stones without surgery. I can locate dozens of such remedies in my data files without much effort. However, they will be of little use to most of you because they usually are quite complicated and consist of numerous to many herbs, some of which would not be easy to obtain. Here are two simple ones:

(1) Job’s Tear (Chinese Pearl Barley; Coix lachryma-jobi Seed) With Sugar - Simply grind up some uncooked Job’s tear to a powder. Twice daily, take 2 tablespoonfuls (30 g) of this along with a small amount of sugar, followed by drinking plenty of water. Physical exercise (especially jumping) is recommended for speeding up the passage of the stone(s). It is reported to take effect in 2 weeks and has a success rate of 80%.[2]

(2) Deep-Fried Walnut Meat With Sugar - Deep fry 125 g (4.4 oz) of walnut meat in vegetable oil until crisp. Remove the walnut and mix in 2-4 tablespoonfuls (1-2 oz) of sugar. Mash the mixture to a paste and eat it over the course of 1 to 2 days. It is reported to relieve the pain in a few days, followed by passage of the stone(s) in the form of milky urine. This and related remedies have appeared numerous times in the Chinese literature, including a major Chinese journal of surgery, as I had previously reported (this Newsletter, Issue 1, p. 2).

[2] L.B. Hua, “Clinical Application of Large Doses of Job’s Tear,” Zhongguo Zhongyao Zazhi, 22(2): 119-120 (1997); Leung, A.Y., “Walnut,” Chinese Healing Foods and Herbs, AYSL Corp., Glen Rock, N.J., 1984, pp. 167-168.

These and more herbal remedies are available from the volumes of Dr. Leung’s newsletter, of the same name as this blog (Leung’s Chinese Herb News). This newsletter was published and sent to subscribers (most were industry-insiders) from 1996 to 2004. The collected works now serve as an excellent reference work, created with Dr. Leung’s frank, honest opinions and down-to-earth communication style.

For more information about Dr. Leung and his writings, visit www.earthpower.com. To order the newsletter containing the remedies mentioned above, visit the bookstore, click “Buy Now” on the newsletter, and select Issue # 8 from the drop down list.

1 comment:

mbk said...

I am very interested in your recipes for Removal of Kidney stone and would like to get details of a recipe that I used very successfully some years ago. Basically I had to render a bottle of good rice wine and the unknown Chinese Herb ( I think some root) by simmering down to two very small chinese tea cups and then drink one on the first day and one on the second day. The following day the toilet would have a layer of Kidney Stones or gravel at the bottom.
Has any person the name of the herb or root that was used in this very successful recipe please