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Monday, December 04, 2006

Healing with Black Pepper and White Pepper

Both classic and recent herbals record numerous remedies based on pepper. In a recent...
recipe from Inner Mongolia, white pepper along with chicken eggshell is used to treat cramps due to calcium deficiency. Twenty pepper berries and two egg shells are baked in an oven until they turn light brown. They are then ground to a powder, mixed well and divided into 14 equal portions. One portion is taken with boiled water each day until all 14 portions have been taken.

Dr. Albert Leung’s book, Chinese Healing Foods and Herbs, presents general information and home remedies using pepper as well as over 45 other herbs. Other pepper recipes can be found on page 120 – 123 and include remedies for:

Chilblains / frostbite
Nausea / vomiting

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