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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Dandelion: Not just a Weed

Many remedies based on Chinese dandelion are recorded in traditional as well as modern herbals. Most contain multiple herbs. Following are a couple of the simpler recipes. If Chinese dandelion isn’t available, the common dandelion will serve as a substitute. Remember, though, the whole herb should be used unless otherwise directed.

A modern recipe for mastitis: simply boil 31 g dried dandelion in three large cups of water until one to one-and-a-half cups remain. Drink the resulting liquid after decanting or straining off the residue. Also used in treating cholecystitis (gallbladder inflammation).

A traditional recipe states that long-lasting sores or snake and insect bites can be treated with fresh dandelion. Do so by smashing up the fresh plant and applying the mash to the affected area.

Dr. Albert Leung’s book, Chinese Healing Foods and Herbs, presents general information and home remedies using dandelion as well as over 45 other herbs. Other dandelion recipes can be found on page 55 – 56 and include remedies for:
Bloodshot eyes
Inflammation of the eyes

You may also want to read our earlier post on dandelion, which discussed the plant itself and the preparation of the herb.

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